The Rural Municipality of Taché invites all Canadians to help support the development of a park to mark the geographic centre of Canada. This tourist destination, a twenty-acre park for the whole family, will be a permanent national meeting place.
  • Along the Trans-Canada Highway, just east of Winnipeg, an impressive park will symbolically bridge eastern and western Canada, celebrating Canada’s history and inspiring future generations.
  • At the gateway of the Prairies, and under an endless sky, the Centre of Canada Park will attract Canadians and tourists from other countries, young and old, from both urban and rural settings. They will come to ponder the breadth of our country and the meaning of being Canadian. Here, where East meets West, people will come together.

Vision for the centre of canada

“An inclusive space where all peoples can
gather and experience the diversity of
Canadian identity, culture, and history.”

The mission for the Centre of Canada

“The Centre of Canada will become a local and international
meeting place where the diversity of Canadian identities is
represented. The park will offer recreational opportunities
while showcasing the beauty of the prairies. The Centre
of Canada Park recognizes its geographic significance as a
gateway to the east and west, and approaches development
through an inclusive and multifaceted approach.”


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About the Park

A Symbol of Canadian Pride

A spectacular park will mark the longitudinal centre of Canada on the Trans-Canada Highway to commemorate our country’s 150th anniversary. Here, at the Heart of Canada, East meets West.

Centre of Canada Park Committee

The Centre of Canada Park committee is dedicated to marking the longitudinal centre of Canada at the Trans-Canada Highway, in an eco-tourism theme park 12 kilometers east of Winnipeg. It will symbolically bridge eastern and western Canada.
Working in partnership of the Rural Municipality of Taché, other levels of government, corporations and many local businesses and organizations, the Centre of Canada project seeks to establish a world-class eco-sustainable tourism, recreational and learning venue, which will continue to grow and develop over the coming years.


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